What are betting projections?

Betting projections are calculated winning percentages, odds, lines, totals,... They are expressed with the numbers so you can compare them with bookmakers numbers and this way find the value.

What separates projections from the picks?

Projections tell you directly the winning percentages and show you on which side is the value.
Picks are just basic information.

Let me give you example:

If you have projected number Red Sox 54.23%, then this is your projected number and you know the percentages and how much value (based on criteria) you have even if the line moves.

If you get a picks from handicapper: "Red Sox +134" or "Barcelona 1.75" and to the Red Sox +115 do you still have the value? If the odds on Barcelona move to 1.45 do you still bet? Many picks are shared just like play Red Sox without knowing the price.

Ti win at sports betting (or to make money in any other business) you need to know the price you pay. Projections calculate the price. Picks don't calculate the price.

Are projections free?

All our projections on this site are completely 100% free.

Can I learn how to calculate my own projections like you?

Sure. Join our betting course and become part of our community - more info here or contact us from contact form below.